Dog and Pet Information

Pet friendly Maldon Holiday Cottages welcomes dogs and other pets, provided that their owners adhere to a few basic rules.

  • Dogs should be supervised at all times. If your dog is not going to be with you, please tie it up on the veranda, or lock it in the dog pen.
  • Dogs are permitted inside but please restrict to the hard floor areas where this is practicable.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, leave your dog unsupervised in a cottage. If you need to leave your dog at the Cottages whilst you go out, please lock it in the dog pen.
  • Please bring your own dog bedding. Dogs are not permitted on our beds or bedding under any circumstances.
  • If you wish your dog to sit on the couch with you, please provide a cover for the couch.
  • There is a (white) poo shovel provided for your convenience, please use it. You don’t need to “bin” or bury your dog’s faeces, just put it where it can do no harm.

Maldon Holiday Cottages holds a current Health Certificate, and has done so since opening in 1990. That our dog visitors have responsible owners has helped enable us to maintain the standards required to hold that Health Certificate, and the cooperation of dog owners in this regard is much appreciated.

Thank you.