Pet and Animal Info

Pet friendly Maldon Holiday Cottages welcomes dogs, other pets and domestic animals provided that their owners adhere to a few basic rules:

  • Dogs must be supervised at all times. This means that if your dog is not with you it must be tied up on the veranda, or in the dog pen.
  • Dogs are permitted inside but must be restricted to the hard floor areas where this is practicable.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, leave your dog unsupervised in a cottage. If you need to leave your dog at the Cottages whilst you go out, please lock it in the dog pen.
  • Dogs must have their own bedding.
  • Dogs are not permitted on our beds or bedding under any circumstances. Please understand that we are required to have a current Health Certificate to operate our business.
  • If you wish your dog to sit on the couch with you, please provide a cover for the couch.
  • There is a “poo shovel” (white), please use it. You don’t have to bin or bury your dog’s faeces; just put it where it can do no harm.
  • House cats are welcome provided that they don’t shred our furniture.
  • There are hooks for bird cages on the verandas.
  • For horses, the paddock which the cottages face is about 40 acres, it is well-fenced (barbed wire on the top), has a permanent water trough and a 5 or 6 acre shelter belt of trees running through the middle. There is also a small holding yard which you are welcome to use, but it does not have water connected.

Any questions or requests; please enquire via the website.

Thank you.